Arrested: Cody William Nash of Oregon – for stabbing his aunt Candace Watson to death and also stabbing her husband Lynn Robert Watson

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Cody William Nash, a 30 year old man from Oregon, was arrested Friday after confessing to stabbing his aunt Candace Watson, 66, and her husband Lynn Robert Watson, 68. Cody William Nash  Candace Watson died as a result of the injuries she sustained from being stabbed by her nephew. Robert Watson was taken to the hospital with what has been described as “life-threatening injuries”.

Based on published information it appears the nephew had come to town just this week and was staying with his aunt and her husband. Neighbors had reportedly seen him outside doing yard work on Thursday night and heard his aunt call him inside for dinner at some point, which would seem to indicate that his visit was friendly, or at least believed to be friendly by the victims of his crime.

By Friday morning, however, Candace Watson was dead, fatally stabbed by her nephew; and her husband Robert (Bob) Watson was also stabbed and left with injuries that could end his life.

Robert Watson at last report was in intensive care at a local area hospital.

Cody William Nash was arrested on “suspicion of murder, attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon”.

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